I'll share with you strategies, tips and tricks that I've spent YEARS learning! 

This is for you if.... 

  •  You're tired of spending money on social media marketing and getting no results
  •  You've tried Facebook Ads, but you don't feel that they "work for you"
  •  You're in need of a system that will generate consistent leads


A VIP Day where you work, on and walk away with, the roadmap, specific to your business, that aligns with your goals that will get you the results you've been craving!


A VIP Day is a customized experience where we are focused specifically on your Social Media Marketing Strategy and Execution of that Strategy. VIP Days include the following...

We'll take a look at your current online marketing strategy and address areas of improvement 

We'll work together to create a social media and Facebook marketing strategy that aligns with your overall business goals

Together, we'll dive into your Website, Facebook Ad Account and Email Marketing programs to make sure that all of the pieces are in place to set you up for success

We'll take a look at your Facebook ads follow-up funnel and your email campaigns to evaluate their effectiveness and identify ways to improve their performance

We'll meet two (2) times. The first meeting is where we'll really dive into your existing marketing strategy and determine a plan for future online marketing efforts and the steps to take to implement and execute that plan. The second meeting is where you and I will check-in to evaluate the results and make necessary adjustments.  

Meetings take place in beautiful Santa Clarita, California. Santa Clarita is the third largest city in Los Angeles County and is approximately 40 miles from LAX*. 

* Sessions are customized per client. Depending on where you are in your development, more than one VIP Day Package may be necessary to achieve your desired results. Travel and accommodations not included.